Thursday, May 10, 2012

Insert dramatic sigh here...

The kids had their last day of pre-k today. SIGH SIGH SIGH, DEEP BREATH, SIGH. I love their school, LOVE their school. But I think it's time to move on to bigger and better things for "Baby Genius." There's still a good chance she'll be back at this same pre-k come fall, but things are starting to look much differently around these parts future wise.

I had an interview today. It went so well I almost forgot I was having a massive panic attack seconds before walking through the door. It went so well that I felt as if I'd been working there for months already by the time I walked OUT the door. The chemistry was real, people. Super real. Thanks for the prayers and happy thoughts if you were thinking them. I'll need you to keep those prayers and thoughts going until Monday when I find out if I made up all those good vibes from today in my head. Here's hoping I didn't. As I left the interview site, I passed two Montessori schools within a mile of where I'd be working. Like I said, things are starting to look much different for our future. I'm simply trying to keep my mind focused on everything BUT the interview results until Monday. So your job, should you accept, is to please keep your fingers, limbs, etc. crossed so I don't have to think about it. Everyone else can think about it for me.

Let's look at some pretty pics of my chillins, shall we?

Lillie Rae was awarded "Girl with the most beautiful eyes." I am SO glad they decided against, "Honey Badger with the sharpest shiv."
 Less surprisingly, Lo was awarded "Most athletic boy." The kid finds his BFF's first thing when he walks through the classroom door and wrestles them to the ground and/or chases them from the time the bell rings till we come to pick him up. As I said, not surprised.

 Their faces say it all. If you don't know my children and/or my parenting style, their faces read as so, "AWWWWW SHIT, WE GOT CUPCAKES, CHEESE PUFFS AND COOKIES BEFORE LUNCH BEESHES!" Also, they didn't eat lunch after this. I can't imagine why. I'm pretty sure Lillie wants to hug whoever came up with the Graduation Party food list. She probably even wants to live with them forever and ever amen with extra cheese doodles.

And now I must go make up a cupcake list for next weekend's consignment sale. I really like how our savings account looks right now thanks to cupcake sales, budgeting, extra cleaning cash and birthday money from the fam. Our future, she is changing a little more each day. I see skies of blue... trees of green... blah blah blah... I'll be here all week!


  1. I gots all my parts crossed!

    1. Ooh girl, how'd you get them across your sternum? ;)

  2. Fun post.I am keeping good thoughts for Monday for you...I hope it goes the way you want it..Interviews are never easy...Great pics of you kids...They look so happy to have their treats...I love cheese puffs myself, so I can see the draw!

    1. Thanks for stopping in! I'm keeping good thoughts around as well. Apparently taking 5 years off to enjoy my babies after being a work horse most of my adult life is what's holding me back. In the 6 months I've been dumping my resume on anyone who would take it, I've had dozens of phone interviews and only THREE face to face. It's maddening! I'd quit if it weren't for the fact that those sweet little faces need to be protected and provided for. How does ANYONE make it in this economy?

      Lillie could survive on junk food alone. If she weren't so cute I'd make the joke that she must have been a roach in her past life. Then again, I'm a big fan of any kind of puffed snack food.