Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bring it on.

When Mama Kat asked, "Remember Summer? The warm air, blue skies, and endless days in the water? Me either. Share a photo from last Summer that brings you back." I immediately thought of Lillie's poolside wedgie. Is that bad? It also made me remember the joy of their first sandbox/tugboat. Of fresh figs straight off the tree and riding around at night with the windows down on the way home from the pool, soaking in the heavy humid scent of honeysuckle and asphalt.

I love living in the South, and I may complain about the ridiculous humidity and wtf IS the point of showering in the morning if you're just going to sweat like a mutha fluffer before you can even pull your panties on? WHAT IS THE EFFING POINT??? Aside from that and the disappointment that has been our Winter (can't I just get ONE snow day? ONE?), we've already had highs in the 70's this week and I'm already itching to go try on that fancy one piece Old Navy's got out that I'm smitten with. Seriously, it was made for me. See???

The ruffly ruched front would totally camouflage my "kangaroo pouch" or so says the bajillion reviews on this suit. That alone sold it... well... that and it's purple, my most favoritest color in the whole wide world.

My Birthday is in 2 months, which means... in less than 3 we'll be hitting the pool... that I need to start getting lesson plans ready for "Summer School with Mama..." and maybe look into "Summer School FOR Mama." More on that again at a later date. Remember, I'm not striving for a post a day this month like I was last month, but then again I made myself sit down and write without even thinking about the fact that I'm not obligated to do so.

 Their very first sandbox. They played so well together in it that day. If only every day could be "first sandbox day."

I love... LOVE... how her butt just gobbles up this suit. I can't wait to see her in the suit I got her for this summer. It's an eensy weensy teeny weenie yellow pinstriped ruffled one piece. I might have to get one similar for myself, because oh em gee at the precious.

I need warmer weather to get here ASAP. Having worn shorts and a t-shirt for most of the evening has spoiled me. Plus, I'm so ready for new summer clothes! It's all I want for my Birthday, well... that and a massage and maybe a mani/pedi. Is that too much to ask? I think not. I've worked hard for it this year!!! So, Mama Kat, work some magic, will ya! A sister's gotta look good for pool season this year! Wink wink, nudge nudge...


  1. Is it padded? I needs it padded. I can never find a bathing suit so I wind up wearing boy shorts and a tank top and never getting in the water. Because the paddedness. I needs it.

    I can't wait to see Cutie's pinstriped suit!

    1. Removable bra padding AND fully lined (hello bathing suit "spanx!")

  2. That suit is great. Go get it for yourself. I totally think you deserve the massagenand mani/pedi. I'm sure your family will think so too.

    Those cheeks in that green suit are just about the cutest things. She's probably embarrassed or will be but tell her everyone else loves the pic!

    1. I could eat her cheeks, no lie! I don't care how gross it sounds, they're like too little yeast buns!


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