Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sprechen sie Englisch? Pt. 2

Oh, Mainz... My dear sweet Mainz. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
  • I loved the ghosts slamming doors, blaring the t.v. randomly in the middle of the night, and sneaking up on me as I slept or showered.
  • I loved the greenery threatening to take back what was once theirs atop the buildings.
View from my room in the Contel Mainz. You can see thick mounds of moss and grass growing atop the building on the left.
  • I loved the history surrounding our hotel, even the little Jewish cemetery right next door. ((The reason for the ghosts perhaps?))
 Wish the stones were legible, but they had been severely worn over time.
  • I loved the "Football" stadium across from the Grocery outlet on Dr. Martin Luther King Weg.
  • I loved Fritz-Kohl Strasse and the stupid @$$ hike back up that hill after visiting the city center.
Taxi service in front of the train station. Lots of little useful shops surround the area. Was also where I had my first currywurst. Germany is all about good food as you'll find out.

  • I loved the doner kebabs and "The Red Chilli" thai restaurant (for when you were totally over schnitzel) and the Trattoria de Arnaldo inside our hotel for the best authentic italian pizza and salads on the planet. Even while not pregnant, I crave their salads.
  • I loved playing in the snow on the front patio while waiting for our bus to arrive to take us away from you.

Even more amazing artwork/graffiti on the side of a random train car placed on the side of the road. I would pass it daily on my walk to Aldi's.

  • I loved crew room where my best flying buddy would hide novels she'd finished for me and I would do the same for her.
  • I loved fighting other Flight Attendants for the washers and dryers using seniority and flight schedules to justify why we needed to wash our undies first (Mainz was our MAIN hub overseas, and where we spent the majority of our time between flights.
When I think about taking my own little family overseas, Mainz is the first place I think of. Not just because I know the city like the back of my hand (or at least the area of Mainz I was located in), but because there's just so much to explore and see. More than I ever got a chance to see even.

Next stop? Kuwait City, Kuwait.


  1. Liebe. Again. "See" you next week - can't wait to catch up on missed posts.

    1. Liebe DICH! Have fun on your trip! Take lots and LOTS of pictures for me. :)