Saturday, February 18, 2012

Even God rested on Sunday.

Dear Mom,
I'm sorry that I promised to come clean tomorrow, to deep clean nonetheless. Unfortunately, due to sheer exhaustion from kicking ass for 3 straight days already, I am going to attempt to not only sleep in tomorrow, but also get some yoga in somewhere between snuggling with my baby girl (who is sick... AGAIN...) and doing 5,000 loads of laundry.

So, do you guys think this is going to fly? You think she's going to forgive me for taking a day off? If y'all have my back on this, please comment in my defense! Off to bed I go!


  1. You deserve at least one day off girl! Being super takes a lot afterall. Besides, the best way to cure illness is cuddling and that sweet girl needs cuddling time along with a few obnoxious cartoons which may be watched a few times in a row. You will suffer through your day as best as you have to :) And as much as I adore you, I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with Mount Laundry today :) Maybe it will get conquered....Maybe not...Oh well, have a fabulous Sunday!! :)

    1. Pretty sure I can repeat the movie lines for "Marmaduke" now. I'm actually beginning to believe it's not that terrible of a movie. Maybe there is something to kids watching favorite movies cartoons over and over and OVER again.

      Laundry is DONE. Dishes? Not so much. And of course the girl wakes up today not nearly as bad as she was this weekend. The big question is, do we go to the doctor now or wait till her original check up in a week... DECISIONS DECISIONS!

  2. Pssh!!! Mommies understand even when their babies are almost 30.