Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dog Tired.

Today has been a super busy day, hence the reason this is short and sweet. Bullet points are great, right?!?!?
  • Got all the kids clothes tagged for the consignment sales these upcoming weeks, now I just need hangers. Writing that on my arm because OMG I will forget tomorrow.
  • Grocery shopping the day before Super Bowl Sunday is freaking ridiculous. That is all.
  • Had my very first Scentsy party since before Thanksgiving. Have my second tomorrow. Feel free to pick a party and stock up on some scents. I promise you won't regret it! One day I'll talk about how fabulous Scentsy is. Tonight is not that night.
I'm also very grateful that my blog thinks I'm on the west coast. I had planned on blogging after my party tonight, but it was 5 minutes to midnight before I left my Hostess's house. By golly, I'm gonna do NaBloPoMo right if it kills me.

The end.


  1. Good morning. I love your little blog here! So cute! I am doing Nablopomo as well. So far so good! I did it last month as well. Best part about it are the people and connections. Man I wish I would have done it sooner. Better late than never huh?
    I'm only watching the commercials today. I'm not a football fan. Glad I didn't go grocery shopping... I can only imagine! Geesh..

    1. Good Morning to you too!!! I wish I would think before diving into some things! This month is already so hectic, but I am determined to get a post out each day. I wish I had more time to go read EVERYONE'S posts, but I just can't. I'm trying though, in that little time at lunch where I can sit at my laptop and nosh and read and enjoy. :) So many wonderful writers!

      I am not a SPORTS fan whatsoever, so I was completely overwhelmed when I walked into the store and it was SWAMPED. You would have thought it was the day before Thanksgiving all over again!