Sunday, January 8, 2012

I feel a change coming on...

It's been a little over a week since my "train derailed." Mentally, I'm feeling much MUCH better. But I still feel physically as if the train didn't just derail, but ran me over 4 or 5 times. I'm exhausted and sore. BUT YOU GUYS, GLITTER! SUNSHINE! RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS! I'm laughing again, and while I feel elated more often than not... I worry about the crash. It's in the back of my mind that I've felt like this before. The one thing keeping me from serious concern, is that I've BEEN on this maintenance med before. It was my miracle pill after Logan was born. "It's just the depression talking," I keep telling myself. Here's hoping it is. So while I'm scatterbrained, here's a little listy of what's going down around these parts.

Scooter Bob (my Grandfather's feral hillbilly cat from West Virginia) is stuck in a tree. Like, 20+ feet up in a tree. She's been there for a few days now and we can't get her down. As horrific as this sounds, I know that she has to come down at some point. Right? Give me hope, people... I can't stand to hear her crying out there at night. And it RAINED today. IT RAINED. Poor poor Scooter Bob.

It was foggy this morning. In a sad attempt to get a good shot of the mist, I ended up almost being lasered to death by Ollie. He obviously was not up to having his picture taken without his morning coffee.  Also? Lasered is totally a word. I'm seriously creeped out by this picture by the way. I can almost hear Ollie mewing into my ear that I will die in seven days.

Our little picnic I had planned for the kids got rained on. Or, at least we changed our plans because we thought it was going to rain. Instead, it drizzled for about five minutes and the sun came back out. The kids got to use their new "camping gear" (for the DIY sheet tent sets my MIL gave them for Christmas) in the playroom and had their picnic whilst watching Curious George. I was having a bad day with my steam cleaner. It seems to hate me, so the Husband and I tore it apart in hopes we could fix it... but alas... we could not. I ended up stealing my Mom's cleaner and HELLO clean rug! I feel much better about my children strongly enforcing the 5 second rule now.

Best unintended gift EVER. Saw a stack of children's books on the kitchen counter at my In-law's house today and got ridiculously giddy when I saw this amongst them. The Mother In-law GAVE ME THE BOOKS. The kids don't find the ridiculous translations nearly as amusing as I do. I won't be allowing them near this till they can keep both their hands clean and can control their page tearing impulses... well... at least the little one still needs to learn this. You would think with the love she has for reading she wouldn't feel so compelled to destroy her most treasured possessions.

Spanish lesson for the day:

Would you like to have a giraffe?
Quisieras tener una jirafa?

Yes, bring me a tall one.
Si, traeme una alta.

(De nada, if you're still listening...)


  1. Uh-oh...are you going to have to call a community helper to get the cat down? Will yoou be able to have the conversationin spanish without accidentally alerting them to a giraffe problem! Glad your mind is feeling better!

  2. I might have to. She's still howling from atop the tree. :/ Hopefully I won't need to break out the Seuss book to translate or there WILL be a problem!

  3. My Spanish is limited to asking where the bathroom is, but I keep trying to get it.

    As for the cat, if she doesn't come down, you can call animal control to come and help you.

  4. Luckily, I was persistent with the cat. Talked her halfway down the tree, came in to make dinner, and went back out with a can of sardines (thanks to my Grandfather, because EWWWWWW) and she managed to get the rest of the way down in one piece. She was still frightened even though we had Moose (our lab) locked up in hopes to give her more courage to come down. I found her hidden under the chicken coop with her tail puffed out bigger than her body.

  5. Aw, glad Scooter Bob (which makes me giggle, by the way) came down. Also, I would love a tall giraffer. But, um, how do you say there's a wocket in my pocket in spanish? Ha.