Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 20. Water.

The "ocean" Lo constantly asks to stop at on his way to and from school. Don't have the heart to tell him it's really a man made lake for people to curse at when their golf balls go astray.

Don't hold your breath for posting to go back as it was. I'm still deep in thought over here. So long as we both agree that "deep in thought" means "sick as a dog." Capiche?


  1. So sorrry you are sick! But the ocean thing is pretty funny.

  2. We pass it twice a day, gets kind of old. Poor kid, I want to go to the ocean as much as he does. I just need a freaking vacation.

  3. Feel better!

    This reminded me of a routine I got my younger daughter into when she was just a baby. Every time we crossed the bridge over a bay that eventually leads to the Atlantic, we'd say, "Hi, Water" and blow the water a kiss.

    And to this day, every time we pass water of any size, depth, whatever, we have to say, "Hi, Water" ... she's seven, so I know she'll outgrow it very soon and then I'll just be sad, but it's an interesting reminder of how cool kids are :-)

  4. we all strongly react to the water in our family. When we're all grumpy and snarky with each other, finding a way to get close to water is the best cure. hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Thanks, ladies. What I thought was going to be just a simple sinus infection seems more now like bronchitis. YAY! I've been seeing a LOT of hot showers lately. Eventually I will get back to my posts. I've been mulling over writing a prompt, but life (and cough medicine) keeps getting in the way.