Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They grew up on me.

Once upon a time, I didn't have children... and when I did have them, I thought to myself that they would always be these babies that would spit up and coo at me and depend on me to wipe their butts. And then my son took his first "steps" and it was OVER. He came out determined to grow up. It was a catch 22, this love for them.

With the boy, he always had a NEED to go. He had physical goals beyond what any of the baby books set as "normal guidelines" for milestones. He begged to stand on his own two feet before he was even 2 months old. So we let him, with our help of course. Even then, he was constantly yanking his hands free of ours to free fall backwards on the couch where he would scream at us because this was obviously ALL.OUR.FAULT. that he couldn't do these things. I mean seriously, what were we, imbeciles? At 4 months old, we gave him a walker... we just couldn't take the accusations and screaming from a 4 MONTH OLD anymore. Within 24 hours he was racing us around the house.

It was for his own good... Honest...

I get that there are all these "studies" that "they" put out, claiming walkers are the devil incarnate, but that thing SAVED MY SANITY and allowed that kid the freedom to explore and most important of all, RUN. We took the walker with us on trips, to the in-law's, and even outside.

A boy in his element... all grown up at 4 months old.

Although he's always been physically ahead of the game, verbally, not so much. The Princess, while not physical in any sense of the word, has been verbal from the minute she discovered she could make noise with her mouth. At 4 months? She was "talking" to her brother the best way she could, and to be honest, his verbal skills at 2 weren't much in comparison. What one excelled at, the other would flail about desperately. When she started speaking in full sentences at her first Birthday, we all noticed the boy doing a mental "OH SHIT!" and all of a sudden he started putting forth more of an effort to get his words out. She still has a better vocabulary than him, but there is no question that he isn't still far ahead of where a 4 year old should currently be in his physical activity.

They're growing up, these kids of mine... and they're acting like there are world records to be broken with the way they're going about the whole thing.

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  1. Awww..! I have 2 boys. BOTH are energetic and seemingly out to beat each others' records. One is 5 and the other is 1.5. The 5 year old is often compared to an 8-10 year old by the way he speaks and by his skills in sports. And no one can believe my 1.5 year old hasn't been two for ages.. not saying my kids are special, just saying boys are active and always up for a challenge :) Cute pics, stopping by from MamaKat's!

  2. FANTASTIC story and expression of how kids insist on growing up. I absolutely love the photo of your boy in the walker with the laundry basket!!! CUTE. xoxo Virtual hugs to you from another Mom who was shocked to discover that kids want to grow up and get going, without us sometimes.

    Visiting through Mama Kat

  3. Thanks, y'all! We're pretty awful to our kids when their defenses are down. You have to make up for days filled with colic and diaper blowouts SOMEHOW, right?

    Jessica, EVERY mama knows their kids are more special than other people's kids. ;) It's a part of the whole bonding process! If we didn't think they were super babies right off the bat, we might not survive the first year!

  4. Visiting from Mama Kat's and definitely sticking around to read more! I'm cracking up at his basket helmet. Isn't it amazing to see the differences in siblings, especially gender ones? My girls were early talkers and while the boy spoke early too, it was different. Theirs was understandable, his was constant but more babble. The girls had actual words and complete sentences. Although he gestures a lot and is engaged, he at nearly 2 is still behind where they were vocabulary-wise. Physically -- the first girl is a "drive me there" child. The second girl is more of an "I can tolerate the walk there" girl. This boy? Oh, this boy is a "move out of my way, I gotsta run the whole way there" boy.

  5. AAAAH! Arnebya, I'm lovin it! My daughter talks like she's from the bronx and my son, just like yours, was TOTALLY a gesture kinda guy. He used the word "Choose/chews" for shoes, cheese, juice, etc. for about 6 months. I would LIE to my pediatrician because I knew in my heart of hearts there was nothing wrong. Just like I lied when my daughter refused to walk (although we ALL knew she could do it if she wanted to) because she was PWECIOUS and the BAAAAAYBE! I can't wait to share more with you!