Friday, July 29, 2011

I told you there was more to me than just crafting...

So some of you may already know that I do *those* parties... you know what I'm talking about, right? The parties where men are ABSOLUTELY not invited? The parties where you are pampered and "pheromoned" and learn about every last *position* to reach *that* spot? Well, if you didn't... SURPRISE! I'm totally a Pure Romance Consultant.

I need YOUR help. Have you ever set one of those goals for yourself that when you got within 48 hours of the deadline and you realized you are embarrassingly close but it doesn't look quite like you're going to meet it and OH WELL, MAYBE NEXT MONTH. Girls, that CAN NOT HAPPEN. Not this month, not ever. So that's where YOU come in. If you've got a Facebook account, go invite every last woman you know to this event. I'm giving anyone who's interested a chance to order at a Consultant's discount. That's 35% off EVERYTHING we offer. If YOU'RE interested, go click on the first hyperlink above and that will lead you to my personal website. You must order THROUGH me by contacting me via Facebook. ((The contact methods are on the event page.))

I really REALLY appreciate any and all help you can give me. I just can't watch my goal slip through my fingers when I am so very very close!

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