Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 7 & 8... High Angle and Sunset

That black lump on the floor above the piano? That's Dexter. My In-law's 13+ year old black lab. He'll put up with anything, but especially likes Lillie's rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" on ukelele. This "High Angle" shot was taken from the staircase next to their music room. The music gene runs deep in my little one. If she's not banging it out on their piano, she's playing the bongos, rattling the thunder tube, hitting the PVC "do-re-mi" pipes together, shaking the tambourine or when she thinks no one else is looking, strumming Papa's Guitars. This? Is her room in the house.

I took TWO sunset shots because a.) I'm an overachiever and b.) I didn't know which one I liked better.

Exhibit A would be "Sunset in Suburbia" on our way to the frozen yogurt place.

Shot B would be 10 minutes later (after making a wrong turn IN THE TOWN I LIVE IN... I know, THAT was a breathtakingly blonde moment even for ME.) I like that you can't make out the faces of my family, but that you can tell that they're all engaged in the conversation.

And of course tomorrow's episode of "30 Days" involves fresh fruit... which I'm pretty sure we have NONE OF and Logan SPECIFICALLY asked me for bananas tonight which I remembered at the grocery store and of COURSE forgot. SIGH. I fail at this whole parenting thing.

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