Friday, May 6, 2011

Backyard Explorers

I grew up basically in the house we live in now... it's funny how my perception of the backyard as a child doesn't change 20 years later, yet I rediscover all the magic once again through my children as if it were my first time. And yes, this is a very photo heavy entry because I obviously don't have a lot to talk about. Wink wink... I've been trying to get more one on one with my kids down at their level. So far so good even though my 2 year old seems to want to butt heads more than anything right now. We're working through it... I'll let you know if I survive.

Who knew a riding mower could be so thrilling?

"I'm SHINING, Mama!!!" I am not so sure what she meant by that, but I had to ask her twice. After the second time she asked ME if I was shining too.

This bowl is actually a pizza dough mixer bowl from one of my Grandfather's pizza shops. He bought it in the 50's for $20. As a child, I too used to spin around on the concrete patio. As the oldest of all my cousins, I distinctly remember spinning them more than I got spun.

"I'm a BIG helper, Mama!" You'll notice my "Old Man" in the background in his infamous overalls... He told my Husband stories, probably for the third or fourth or maybe even twentieth time around, of me as small as The Princess following in his footsteps throughout the garden. I would stretch my legs as far as they could go to fit my own feet into his footprints. This is one of my earliest memories. I remember the sun was so hot and bright above us and all I could see was his shadow. In my mind I was chasing a Giant.

This right here might take a while if nobody offers to help them, or should they even ACCEPT help on that note. Where the Princess stands will be beans, beyond her a row or two of corn. Where Stinky stands will be peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant and maybe a pumpkin if we're lucky this year...

This is my most favorite part of the backyard... Gigi's little hidden spot. When I walked back to this corner behind the garden, the Princess looked up at me and exclaimed, "There are FAIRIES back here, Mama!" I couldn't agree more. At Stinky's age I used to sneak back here and eat blackberries and honeysuckle straight from their bushes and imagine fairies and princess tea parties spread out under the canopy of branches. I remember Gigi (my Mammaw/Grandmother) attempting to grow garlic and mushrooms back there, but as of now it is still nothing more than mossy ground.

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  1. I remember spinning you when you were Stinky's age in that bowl. Beautiful pictures, btw...