Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's not child labor if they WANT to do it... right?

I swear, I didn't bribe them or ANYTHING.

A little background. The Princess (a.k.a. DIVA as she has a Jekyll/Hyde personality issue) is newly 2 and Stinky will be 4 in July. They are 18 months apart, and in the parenting world this is referred to as "baby bunching." The day I quit nursing him was the day I got pregnant with her, and that is NOT a joke. Just ask my Midwife!

SO ANYWAYS, back to the story! Late last week I realized I had a mountain of dishes (as always) and two kids who were at each other's throats. I took down the baby gate, removed all sharp and/or breakable items from the sink and handed each of them a sponge. "Go at it!" I said... and that they did. While I made dinner, they did the dishes. When their plates hit the table they both had meltdowns because OMGTHEDISHESAREN'TDONEWTFMYBFFBILL. I bet my Husband wishes I had this sort of enthusiasm for household chores.

Their little fingers are just right for scrubbing the bottom of her sippy cups. Why didn't I think of this before??? Not even 24 hours later I felt compelled to clean my car. Again, my Husband is speechless with the amount of proactive activities I've got going on. It was warm enough to not get paranoid about them getting hosed and so we turned into "firefighters" and they helped me hose down the car... and then she became "Pwincess Firefightuh" and was my official bucket filler.

He, on the other hand, took it upon himself to scrub all the dirt off my car. His words, hand on my heart. Who knew that under all that grime there was a half decent car? Still doesn't change the fact that it's a POS Corolla. Meh... minor details. Once again, they were both heartbroken when the cleaning stopped.

With all the extra help I've been receiving lately, I've actually had time to get back into my craft room. And yes, I did have to search through the dust and cobwebs for my glue gun. Thanks for asking. There are a TON of clearance sales going on right now at pretty much every craft store local to me. Hence the inspiration to get up in my room and create again. Are these NOT THE CUTEST CLIPPIES EVER? I might be a little biased, but SERIOUSLY! Where were these when the Princess was a wee baby? Oh wait, she still has just enough hair for these to work. If you know me personally, you'll know that her hair is a great source of heartache for me. Stinky had long, THICK wavy locks that it cut me to the core to have trimmed. I refused to do it before his 1st Birthday even though I knew I was the only one to blame when old ladies would refer to him as a pretty little girl in the grocery store. When the Princess turned 1 she had a chunk of hair that flopped over her eyes and that was pretty much it. Anything I put in her hair IMMEDIATELY came out and turned into a chew toy or something to throw at her brother. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. Now at 2 years, it makes my heart soar to see/hear her reaction to new batches of clippies. Today for example, we went in so I could package them up and she saw some pink pirate ones and she squealed, "PINK! PIWATES! YARRRR MATEYS! ME WUV THEM!" And then I had to pry it out of her tiny little fingers while dangling a cookie in front of her. She's a sucker... and that's all I gotta say about THAT.

So, that's where I've been! If you're coming over from "that other blog," WELCOME! I'm not promising I'll update this blog any more often than "that other blog," but I'm gonna do my best. Also? It's less Emo over here. JUST SAYIN.

I really do look forward to sharing my "Martha Moments" as well as my "Mominatrix Moments." What? Wipe that coffee off your screens. It's not like I didn't warn you! Right now, I'm working on cranking out some more clippies and branching out of my "comfort zone" when it comes to little lady accessories. I've also got a new "paper lovers anon" book coming from my Mom. Another thing if you don't know me personally, I have a thing for pretty paper and Mod Podge, and well... pretty much anything that involves those two things. So look forward to tutorials and braggy posts. We're also trying out a ton of Pampered Chef recipes as my friend is a Consultant and I'm putting her recipe collections through the ringer. We've got one family member with a fish allergy, another family member who prefers vegetarian meals, ANOTHER who won't eat ANYTHING that looks remotely healthy, and another member who just recently went from eating anything placed in front of them to THAT kid who says they don't like the meal before they even lift their fork. YAY! If you're looking for something surprisingly delicious, try this recipe... Shredded Pork Tostadas via Pampered Chef's "More Weekday Dinners - Done!"

Well that's all for today, y'all! I'm gonna go NOT shower before bed so I can enjoy the perfume I bathed myself in at Ulta today. It's one I haven't worn since I found out I was pregnant with Stinky nearly 5 years ago. I think I just fell back in love with it all over again. Ralph Lauren's "Romance" just in case you want to gimme a birthday gift. It's only a month and a half away, BTW... hint hint... nudge nudge... GOODNIGHT!

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